Web Design

Your website should be visually flawless, engaging, informative and help you to achieve your business goals.

At Kit & Caboodle, we aim to deliver future-proof websites which not only look beautiful but perform brilliantly across all devices.

Responsive fluid design, future proof, accessible…

The Wife of Bath website as seen on desktop, iPad and iPhone 7
fig.1 The Wife of Bath website as seen on desktop, iPad and iPhone 7
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Our Design Process

  • The key to creating a successful website design is in careful planning - we want to get to know you and your business; learning about your brand and your vision is the important first step in the design process.

  • After we’ve been fully briefed we will create webpage wireframes showing our proposed site structure, noting key functionality based on your requirements. These wireframe designs give us the opportunity to spot any potential issues or missing features early, allowing smooth progression later on.

  • Page designs will be fleshed out in line with your brand identity, adding colour and images to bring the layouts to life. We’ll be in touch throughout, giving the opportunity to make changes and refine our designs to make your vision a reality.

  • Once you’re happy and the designs have been signed off, your beautiful new website goes to build!

    Most importantly, we are in constant communication through the entire design process. Meetings and progress reports can be scheduled as often as necessary and we’re always on hand if you have any questions.


If you already have a website, make use of our free health check service to give it the once-over, or simply get in touch with us - we'd be happy to provide a quote or talk over what you have in mind. Alternatively give us a call on 01303 764231, we would love to have a chat.