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People of interest

  •  1
    Josh De Haan

    Managing Director

    Spearheading Kit & Caboodle, he can be found in the office ensuring that everything is working like clockwork. With fingers in an assortment of different pies, it can be said that he possesses the dark art of multitasking in abundance.
  • 2
    Lloyd Nicholson-Taylor


    More than twenty years experience chained to his keyboard designing and developing means that our Director really does know a thing or two about the digital world. When he's not rocking that blue jumper, he's windsurfing.
  • 3
    Matt Morse

    Senior Designer

    From print to digital, our Senior Designer takes pride in building websites from the blank page up and turning them into gems. A keen conqueror of speedbumps (mountain biker), he loves watching films and playing guitar.
  • 4
    Chris Barrett

    Business Development Manager

    Chris loves nothing more than developing and maintaining relationships with clients and helping businesses unlock their potential. With over ten years experience, the only thing that can rival Chris' passion for business, is his love of sport.
  • 5
    Liberty Moore


    Liberty brings a wealth of creativity and originality to the table. When she's not dreaming up new ideas, she's off gallivanting and taking in the sights and sounds to further feed her creativity and imagination.
  • 6
    Emma Harrison

    PA & Office Manager

    When she’s not ensuring that the whole office is running tickety-boo, she’s at our MD’s side making sure there are no issues. She is also a dab hand at baking; luckily we love cake!
  • 7
    Aaron Gilmurray

    Finance Manager

    Highly focused on efficiency means that Aaron's days are laid out so not a second is wasted.
  • 8
    Jack Douglas

    Finance Assistant

    He loves to ensure that all tasks are complete, done to the letter and that no number is out of place.