Case Study


Edge o' Beyond


Edge o’ Beyond is a London-based luxury lingerie brand, with all products designed and handmade in the UK. Naomi approached us looking for a completely bespoke eCommerce website ready for Edge o’ Beyond’s launch in Autumn 2014. The website needed to be capable of performing brilliantly across all devices while reflecting both the quality and ethos of the brand.

A luxurious website for a luxury brand, we set out to help Edge o' Beyond shine...


With its secure checkout and fantastic admin tools, we recommended Shopify as the perfect platform for this project. As well as having complete control globally, SEO can be addressed on a page by page basis giving the opportunity to fine-tune with ease. Shopify also offers complete theme customisation, allowing the design to evolve without restriction.

In addition to the look and feel requirements, it was also important to feature Edge o’ Beyond’s social media content and integrate MailChimp email subscription. Building a motivated customer base organically is vital - especially for new brands - and designing these services into the framework of the website ensured an inviting, simple, seamless experience for the visitor.

After full consultation with Naomi we drew up wireframe designs as per her wishlist and our discussions, allowing us to assess different options and come up with a final design which ticks all the boxes.

    Widgets used.

Framework & Navigation

Edge o’ Beyond’s framework is minimal, placing emphasis on the page content. The top navigation is clear and concise with simple links to “shop” or “peek” at the latest lookbook. Key customer navigation is also located at the top of each page, indicating items in the basket and linking to the account area login.

Edge o' Beyond designed by Kit & Caboodle
Responsive navigation for Edge o' Beyond designed by Kit & Caboodle
Responsive navigation for Edge o' Beyond designed by Kit & Caboodle
Responsive navigation for Edge o' Beyond designed by Kit & Caboodle
Mobile navigation loses none of the content present at larger screen sizes; all links are repositioned, toggled to show/hide by tapping the menu icon.
Edge o' Beyond's shipping offer banner
A banner highlighting spend thresholds for free shipping is present in a prominent location across the entire website.


We wanted the front page of Edge o’ Beyond’s website to have impact! The visitor is greeted by full screen html5 video, overlaid with clear links to shop, read the blog or browse the latest lookbook. New collections are showcased using stunning editorial photos, and the customer can click through to shop each collection’s products. There is also space for both lingerie and jewellery to be featured, with products selected to appear using the Shopify admin area.

Shop front page with large html5 video
  • Search and customer navigation consistently located in the top right-hand corner.
  • Clear links to shop, read the blog or browse the latest lookbook overlay the featured video. New collections are shown off below this using large editorial imagery.
  • Featured products in both lingerie & jewellery categories can be updated in the Shopify admin area.
  • Links to supplementary pages giving brand background and customer service information, as well as social media links and MailChimp subscription are located in the footer globally.

Collection Pages

As Edge o’ Beyond’s catalogue of products grew, it became necessary to let customers browse by collection, highlighting those new in or featured in press. From here the customer can find more detailed information about each specific collection as well as providing photos and links to all relevant products.

Collection page for Edge o' Beyond designed by Kit & Caboodle
Collection page for Edge o' Beyond designed by Kit & Caboodle

Product Page

Arguably the most crucial page of the entire website, we needed to make sure that the product details page would entice customers into purchasing. Details are clearly laid out, with the inclusion of relevant size guides and delivery information. Product imagery is key. We implemented a custom image zoom, activated on hover (or on touch when viewed on a touchscreen device); this combined with the thumbnail carousel means that unlimited images can be added to each product without the page becoming visually cluttered - customers are far more motivated to make a purchase online when they’re able to see the product up close and from different angles!

Product page for Edge o' Beyond designed by Kit & Caboodle
  • Essential product information is clearly laid out; the customer doesn't need to go searching for details and the gallery of images is easy to browse.
  • Other products in the collection are highlighted making it simple to shop the range as well as similar or related products.
  • The product page maintains its clear layout and functionality at all screen sizes; shopping on your phone is as straightforward as on a desktop.

Peek - Seasonal Lookbooks

A powerful promotional tool, each season the “peek” section is updated with the latest Edge o’ Beyond lookbook content. A natural place to feature the full video content in addition to gorgeous editorial shots, each image links to the relevant collection making it very easy to shop each look. We wanted to make these pages feel magazine-like, as a beautiful insight into the brand in their own right; they’re very shareable, and the inclusion of social media share buttons encourages the visitor to do so.

Edge o' Beyond online lookbooks designed by Kit & Caboodle
  • Links to share the page on social media follow the page scroll, maintaining visibility.
  • Information and link to further details (and to purchase) appear on hover.


The inclusion of a blog allows Naomi to keep website content fresh and boost SEO while providing another avenue of customer engagement. By blogging about subjects in line with but expanding upon the Edge o’ Beyond brand, visitors have the opportunity to learn a bit more about the company and contribute to the content by leaving comments.

Blog for Edge o' Beyond designed by Kit & Caboodle
Blog for Edge o' Beyond designed by Kit & Caboodle

Customer Service

Every business has essential information to share, and Edge o’ Beyond is no exception. We took the opportunity to use these pages to reinforce the brand further, highlighting the excellent customer service on offer with useful information about sizing, delivery and garment care - as well as featuring latest press and a list of current stockists.

Online Marketing & Communication

In addition to looking after the website itself, we also take care of all related online communication. Emails are automatically sent when a customer completes certain actions (signing up for an account or making an order, for example), and these are just as important as the website itself in terms of maintaining a consistent customer journey. We styled these accordingly, bringing key branding to each message.

Other online marketing materials are required from time to time. We designed and built a MailChimp email template, and are also on-hand to produce promotional imagery and flyers for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as and when necessary.

Emails for Edge o' Beyond designed by Kit & Caboodle

Edge o' Beyond continues to go from strength to strength both in sales made and brand reach. Currently, Edge o' Beyond has over 70k followers on Instagram, and more than 2000 customers subscribe to the mailing list. We are able to provide ongoing support, implementing new features and adding value across the board.


If you already have a website, make use of our free health check service to give it the once-over, or simply get in touch with us - we'd be happy to provide a quote or talk over what you have in mind. Alternatively give us a call on 01303 764231, we would love to have a chat.